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Construction Accidents

Getting hurt at work...


Construction sites are inherently dangerous and many workers are killed and injured on construction sites. These cases can be quite complex. A typical construction site has a general contractor and subcontractors and the contracts between a general contractor and the subcontractors can be complicated with indemnity provisions and workers’ compensation issues. Anytime a worker sustains serious injury or death on a construction site, the victim usually needs an experienced board certified lawyer to sort through all the potential areas of responsibility. It is very important to determine if the injured victim is covered by worker’s compensation and the relationship between the injured victim and the party whose negligence caused the injury.


The situations that can give rise to recovery of significant money damages on account of serious injury or death on a construction site are too numerous to list. Many serious accidents have resulted from negligence in the operation of machinery, negligence in failing to provide adequate safety equipment, negligence in failure to properly train, negligence related to excavation, scaffolding, and shoring. Oftentimes, a product failure due to a defective product causes serious injury or death on construction sites, which can lead to a product liability case.

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