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Aviation Accidents

Rock Onstad’s experience as a Naval Aviator in the Marine Corps led to a particular interest and expertise in aviation accident cases.


Aviation accidents often have devastating results and are usually the result of more than one thing going wrong. Very few are due solely to pilot error. Additional factors can be a defectively designed component, a defectively manufactured component, negligent maintenance, negligent weather report, or negligence on the part of air traffic controllers.  In order to make a significant recovery of money damages, the claimant usually will need expert testimony in one or more of the following areas:  pilot procedure, aircraft design, aircraft accident reconstruction, failure mechanics, metallurgy, weather and/or air traffic control procedures.

It is highly advisable for the victims to retain counsel, a board certified lawyer, early so that they can be represented as the National Transportation and Safety Board investigates. The NTSB investigates all serious crashes and it usually utilizes aircraft manufacturers to analyze their own airframe or components, and to provide technical expertise to the NTSB.  If the survivors suspect pilot error or defective components, a representative of the victim should be close to the crash investigation as soon as possible to protect critical evidence and to make sure things are handled in a fair and objective manner.  As seen below, Rock Onstad has prevailed for the victims in many airplane and helicopter accidents.

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VERDICTS AND SETTLEMENTS in which Rockne W. Onstad was Lead Counsel or Co-Counsel
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