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Auto Accidents

“Do I need a car accident attorney?”


The party whose negligence caused the collision will have experienced car accident attorneys and adjusters working to build a case to avoid compensating the victim, even while the victim is in the hospital. If the victim wants to level the playing field, he or she should consider having an experienced auto accident lawyer protecting his or her interests.  


If you are involved in a vehicle accident, consider these points:  


  • Many auto accident victims do not realize they are injured right away and say they are fine, only to wake up the next morning and not be able to get out of bed. Stating opinions about your medical condition at the scene is not a wise thing to do. Such statements can be taken out of context and used against you. 

  • If you are hurt, get medical attention and document your injuries. Too many victims wait days or weeks, when they really need immediate medical attention. 

  • If the negligent driver’s insurance adjuster calls to take a statement, be aware that you may be walking into a trap. You may be led to say things that can be taken out of context. 

  • Take photographs of the damage to the vehicles. The amount of damage is very important to every case. 

*Vehicle accidents may include autos, bicycles, boats, motorcycles, trucks, or vans and vehicle accident victims can be the driver, a passenger, or an innocent bystander. We recommend that if a person wants to pursue a claim for damages arising out of an vehicle collision, that they retain an effective car accident lawyer. As you can see below, Rock Onstad has advocated successfully for his clients in many auto and trucking accidents.

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