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A personal injury caused in auto accidents are the biggest reason personal injury victims seek personal injury attorneys. The insurance company of the negligent driver that caused the personal injury will have professionals and lawyers immediately begin working to prevent the victim from recovering personal injury damages. The personal injury victim needs a board-certified personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to preserve evidence and investigate.

The personal injury victim in an auto accident needs to obtain good photographs of the damage to the vehicles, obtain the police accident report, contact witnesses, not talk to the negligent driver’s insurance company without legal counsel, analyze all available insurance policies to determine amounts of coverage and types of coverage available.

The personal injury victim needs to be sure that their injuries receive proper medical attention, diagnosis, and treatment from qualified physicians. Too many victims procrastinate, and later learn long delays in getting diagnosis and treatment creates doubt about whether they were injured in the auto accident.

When the personal injury victim is in pain and has physical limitations, and they do not have a physician documenting the condition, the negligent driver’s insurance company will use the lack of medical documentation to argue that the victim was not injured.

Too many personal injury victims seek chiropractic treatment. Insurance companies and jurors highly discount chiropractic treatment, with a belief that chiropractic opinions carry no weight and have low credibility.

If the personal injury victim is missing time from work, or losing profits, they need to be sure that the documentation of such loss is obtained and preserved. They should make sure their superiors at work know why they are missing work.

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